--Dailot Wood Lockers for Foshan Golf Club

New World China Foshan Golf Club Lockers

Foshan Golf Club belongs to New World China Group,which is a high end Golf Club in China,will hold China Golf Tour Every Year. The VIP Wood Lockers also should be designed different with high end.

All lockers for Golf Club used Fireproof HPL laminated panels with Natural Solid Wood Doors.

The golf club lockers doors were grilled by solid wood slats and sandwiched with the Acrylic panel,it looks great under the LED lighting.

As golf club lockers are different with other wood lockers, the space asking for more bigger to keep the golf shaft and golf bag, these wood lockers were designed for big size,and inside separated different space with shelf panels. 

Golf Club Lockers Size: 1790H x 600D x 600W

Their Lockers digital lock with password and card option.

Limited Space,Unlimited Value

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ADD: Nanhai Foshan,Guangdong,China

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