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The decoration style and pure decoration issues such as light and shade are not particularly important in the Fitness Club and Studio Decoration, and those can be designed according to the positioning VI image system of the fitness/studio. This article is to point out some unique aspects of the fitness decoration or renovation process. Some professional issues that needed special attention will be of great significance to the long-term operation of the fitness.

First of all, the decoration of the gym must reasonably divide the functional area of ​​the fitness. Normally the functional area of ​​the fitness is divided into Necessary functional areas and Extended functional areas.

The necessary functional areas are: equipment fitness area, which generally includes aerobic area, anaerobic area and strength area; independent exercise room, this part of the fitness area is generally separated from the public equipment area, including the gym room, hot yoga room, Dynamic bicycle room, etc .; reception, business negotiation area and work (office) area, the size of such areas can be determined according to the actual situation; sauna shower, generally including shower, sauna room (dry steam, wet steam), locker room, storage Rooms, jacuzzi, spa services, massage rooms, etc.

Extended function area refers to the fitness services that some gyms add to the necessary fitness programs. For example, swimming pools, Taekwondo courts, Sanda courts, table tennis halls, badminton courts, tennis courts, squash courts, etc. The extended area also includes leisure and entertainment areas, generally including game halls, computer games rooms, and so on. A nutrition restaurant is also very important. Although it is still used as an extension of the functional area, it is now used by many gyms.

Some gyms also have VIP areas, which are specially used by some VIP members and provide special services.

Followed by some issues in the fitness decoration process.

1. Aerobics room. The space of the main operating room should be large enough to give the exerciser a sense of openness, and the layout should be avoided as much as possible. The podium of the aerobics room is generally equipped with a large glass mirror to enhance the visual effect, and the space of the aerobics room will be larger. At the same time, if conditions permit, the walls of the exercise room are separated by glass, which can enhance the fitness atmosphere, and maintain "close contact" with the equipment area, which can improve the visual effect of the entire gym.

2. Dynamic bicycle room. The decoration of the spinning bike room is almost the same as that of the exercise room. It also requires attention to the integration with the entire gym. A spinning bike is a special project with a strong seditiousness, which can immediately enhance the fitness desire of members or visitors, so it is generally arranged in a space that can be noticed by the entire gym.

3. Floor load bearing. When the gym decoration is divided into areas, the placement of the equipment fitness area must take into account the load bearing issue. Such as treadmills, spinning bikes, mountain climbing machines, elliptical exercise machines, etc. are all heavy equipment, which puts a lot of pressure on the floor.

4. Seepage. The gym's bathing facilities are used for at least 10 hours, and the ground is always full of water. Therefore, the decoration of the bath room is the top priority of the whole gym decoration, because other decoration can be adjusted in future operations, but the bath room decoration has no chance of adjustment but redo. During the decoration process, there are generally at least 3 waterproof and anti-seepage layers, and the water seepage inspection and testing must be done after more than 24 hours, and strictly controlled is good suggestion.

5. Device distribution density. The density of the equipment needs to be considered in two aspects: first, whether it will affect the fitness of adjacent equipment when exercising, and the second is the safety issue during the fitness process. The former is easy to understand, and the latter is an example. For example, treadmills, we must not only use resources in the limited space, but also consider safety issues. Many fitness enthusiasts love treadmills. Sometimes due to operating errors or other reasons, the running frequency cannot keep up with the crawler speed, so they will immediately jump off the treadmill. Due to the effect of inertia, the stride is large or rushes forward in a certain direction. If the distance between the two treadmills is too small, it will cause the two members on the adjacent treadmill to collide, resulting in unpredictable results.

6. Locker Room. The gym lockers is essential in the fitness, there are three crucial aspects needed to be considered during fitness decorations. First, the materials of the lockers should be water resistance, as the locker room normally close to the bath room which is in high humid conditions, the lockers made of Particle Boards | MDF | Metal are not suggested using in such environment, though it’s cheaper in purchasing, but it’s higher in using and maintenance. Second, the gym lockers dimensions, actually it’s no need too big, according to our projects feedback, lots of guest come to gym are with few belongings, mostly for their self-phone, small bag, wallet, glasses, coats and shoes sometimes. But you can learn more on this article (gym locker size). Third, the lock is very important for gym lockers, it’s high frequency of use, and secured the belongings of guests, try best to avoid any risk of the theft loss because of key(wristband) missing, or lock problems. Password lock is good option for the lockers, no need to worry any key missing problem, and easy management by set or reset password. Learn more from this: gym lockers with digital lock.

And those such as the lockers design, the locker room benches, are related to the budget of your decoration, if with higher budget, also should be considered.

Gym Lockers with Digital Lock Password

Other issues concerning the principles and technology of space decoration, such as water injection facilities, wiring systems, lighting, landscapes, and materials, will not be described in detail here.

In fact, the decoration of the fitness does not have to be too luxurious or too individual. The most focus is on the function, the convenience of the customer, the adequacy of the function and environmental protection and safety should be fully considered, so that to control the decoration cost.

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