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      Dailot Furniture always put Clients' Value on first place.

To match clients Brand & Decorating Style, we can provide One on One custom gym lockers services for any fitness or studio.

Providing a Modern Gym Lockers with Reasonable Cost for clients, is our Mission.

Dailot Furniture Real Cases of Gym Lockers, more are coming soon...

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It's a big fitness center,with more than 1000 square meters,including the fitness center,swimming pool,Yoga ,etc


WEIDIS Fitness,a new brand ,but they're brave to choose the grey color with Antique design gym lockers,a new feeling of Steady,Brave,Explorer.

Grey color is the trends. 

December 10th,2019

VICTORY fitness,a modern gym fitness club,with modern design gym lockers,modern digital lock system technology ,and modern decorating.

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May 20th,2017

A famous chain brand fitness, developing very fast within these few years, with more than 10 branches in local.

December 30th,2019

KTBL Fitness,is a local famous chain fitness club,which have 12 chain clubs in China.With Luxury design ,from wall panel and all gym lockers were used the same color to match brand.

November 22th,2019

FEILA Fitness,a big fitness club with cover area 10000sqm.All gym lockers including the storage lockers with the digital lock, the password opening.


WELLI GYM is a very modern design fitness club,all gym lockers is simple but luxury design,boss satisfy it very much.

October 3rd,2019

TIANTIAN fitness ,it's an old client that ask for refitting they gym club, all decorating updates, including the gym lockers equip the electronic lock.Simple,but great design !

January 19th,2020

It's a five star hotel,their own gym & spa lockers made of Waterproof & B1 grade fire resistant materials,it's a new materials for lockers.

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