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Custom Gym Lockers with Digital Lock - why it's popular?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Nowadays the gym fitness, even some as the private coaching room, or studio,are almost everywhere in the world, and the gym lockers are an essential part of it, clients will use it every time they come.

As for the gym lockers,lots of fitness owners and coaches used the keys lock because of the purchasing cost before , it's lower cost when purchasing gym lockers if you use the keys lock.

But,last month, we have client from India,that he is also the boss for the gym and the coach of it, when he saw our digital lock sample,he said definitely to use the password digital lock for their new fitness gym lockers,even the digital lock cost almost 10 times higher than that of mechanical lock (key lock).

----Daniel,the lock is small thing, but it's very important for our clients,they want it convenient,and to satisfy them is what we always thinking. He said.

I think he is right.

But why it's more and more popular to buy the gym lockers with digital lock now? Even the digital lock cost almost 10 times higher than that of Mechanical Lock ( keys lock).

There might have several reasons:

  1. Gym lockers appearance:

  • The mechanical lock looks traditional, and it's mostly used for light color or solid color, like white color,black color,or grey color, and mostly used in Metal Lockers,which it's economic option at the beginning of fitness,especially when the budget is lower,mechanical lock might be good option.

Mechanical lock for gym lockers
Mechanical lock for gym lockers
Metal Lockers with keys
Metal Lockers with mechanical lock
Dailot Gym lockers with keys
gym lockers with keys lock
  • The Digital lock, have different function and appearance,below are the most popular in projects.

Dailot Gym Lockers Digital Lock-wristband
Gym Lockers Digital Lock-by Wristband
Dailot Gym Lockers Digital Lock password
Gym Lockers Digital Lock - by Password
Dailot Gym Lockers with Digital Lock
Gym Lockers with Digital Lock

----It seems that the gym lockers with digital lock looks more fashion and avant-garde,which in fitness club,no matter the whole club decoration but the equipment and technology,all are avantgarde business.

2. Gym Lockers Customer Experience:

2.1 The gym lockers with keys:

  • Easy to understand that,the gym lockers with keys, they keys are very important that you should always take it to anywhere you go, and whenever in gyms.

  • Gym lockers owners might easy to worry about the missing of the keys by clients,then you have to change the lock again.

  • The missing of keys also have risk of theft increase,which is danger for both for clients belongings and the gym lockers owners.

  • No to mention that the metal keys might have risk of causing hurt for clients when they swimming or do the gyms.

2.2 The gym lockers with digital lock:

  • It's very fast and convenient for clients to open the gym lockers,takes 2 seconds only to open it, and close it quickly without any further movement required.

  • It's no any worry to the lock keys missing for both clients and gym lockers owners. (even for wristband,better than keys.But password is more better.)

  • If use password digital lock for long time storage,especially for the 24 hour gyms,gym lockers with digital lock is very good option,clients can use it by themselves and very easy for owners to manage it.

  • Both wristband and password,even the fingerprint digital lock, there is no any risk of hurting clients while they're in gyms.

After above comparison,we can see that the gym lockers with digital lock is better options for fitness club, nice appearance, more professional,and with higher class experience for clients, also better secured belongings .

Find more options for the digital lock: Lockers Lock Cabinet Lock.

Check below video you will know how convenient to open the gym lockers with digital lock, Supposed the password is 122333,it can be changed easily by owner.


Gym Lockers Gallery: Dailot Lockers.

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