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How wide are gym lockers

When we start to prepare a new fitness or sport studio,there lots of things for us to consider.

And the gym lockers size is one of it,which also very important for customer experience.

And the width of gym lockers will affect the cost.

How wide are gym lockers should we use in our club/studio?

Let's see a description on Wikipedia:

Width: Lockers are usually designed in standard widths: 12 inches (30.5 cm.) wide is a common width, and 15 inches (38 cm.) has become more common recently. Other widths are occasionally found, however, especially in the U.S., where narrower or (occasionally) wider lockers can be found.

metal locker dimensions in Wikipedia

But this is for Metal Lockers.

Mostly the Metal Lockers material is Iron/steel,which is very thin,and it's really economic option at the beginning of new fitness.

But in the long term, it cannot satisfy clients expectation of good customer experience.

metal lockers easy get rust after time
Metal Lockers

What about for Gym Wood Lockers?

First,let's talk about the thickness of the lockers materials for both Metal Lockers & Wood Lockers,even for the Plastic Lockers, it's almost same as the Metal Lockers, so now we only talk metal lockers.

Materials Difference:

Metal Lockers: the steel thickness normally is 0.8mm, both side panels of each locker cover 1.6mm, and for total width of 12inches(305mm), the inner size is 305-1.6=303.4mm. it seems OK for regular usage if it's just used for small things like self phone,wallet, glasses.

For Gym Wood Lockers: Dailot Gym Lockers material thickness is 18mm,both side panels of each cover at least 18mm ( each for 9mm ), then if for 12 inches (305mm), the inner size is only 305-18=287mm, which is around 11.2 inches only.

Only 11 inches ( 287cm) width for gym lockers in fitness club, it's really a small width locker.

Dailot Gym Lockers Wide
13.8 inches (350mm) wide gym lockers

Therefore, how wide are gym lockers is decided by what materials are you going to use for the lockers,and by who you want it to serves for.

If for Gym wood lockers,Dailot suggest below width for good customer experience in different usage scenarios:

1. For big fitness club,there big changing room for gym lockers, for a better customer experience, gym lockers wide can be 16 inches ,that is around 400mm. Bigger like 19.7 inches ok, but cost higher accordingly.

Gym Lockers Dailot Furniture
19.7 inches (400mm ) wide gym lockers

2. For Cycling | Yoga | Dancing | Running studio, normally it's private gym, space is limited, there might be no much space for gym lockers, but to serves as many clients as possible, the gym lockers wide can be smaller as 13.8 inches, that is 350mm, at least if possible, if smaller, it will be too narrow for clients to use,especially when there are many clients use it together.

Dailot Furniture Gym lockers wide
13.8 inches (350mm) wide gym lockers

3. For the staff lockers or front desk for hiring, normally is for small things storage, the lockers wide can be 350mm.

Dailot gym lockers for staff
staff lockers or front desk hiring lockers

4.If there is big things to storage, like big coat in dental clinic and hospital,19.7 inches (500mm ) wide is suggested.

Dailot Gym Lockers big size
19.7 inches ( 500mm) wide gym wood lockers

In general speaking, how wide are gym lockers should be? 13.8 inches ( 350mm) is minimum width and economic option, and 16 inches ( 400mm) is standard and medium cost,19.7 inches (500mm) or bigger, is luxury option.

Dailot Furniture Lockers Factory Direct

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