How to Design the Gym Lockers for Fitness?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

How to design the gym lockers for Fitness or Yoga Studio?

What's the gym lockers dimensions good for the project?

How to Choose the staff lockers for gym center?

Let’s see a case first:

This is a small fitness center in a residence , but there are full sets gym equipment already.

gym lockers for Fitness Center

As it’s a small fitness in apartments , they supposed to have not many clients, they just want two sets lockers only, one for man and one for girls.

Below is for Man gym Lockers, three colum with four layers, each locker size is around 465Hx440Wx400D

gym lockers dimensions

And finished as below walnut wood color gym lockers with digital lock:

Dailot Gym Lockers for Fitness

For Ladies Room, as the place with more bigger and they thought it would be more girl clients, so it’s little bigger with more lockers:four columns by four layers.

Gym Lockers Dimensions

Finished as below:

Wood Lockers for Gym Center

Then,we got some ideas as below:

What's the wood gym lockers design should we choose for our fitness or any places needed?

We will get ideas from above case:

1, Check your guest flow, sure more lockers for more flow. Man or Woman will be more?

2, Check the place where will put the lockers, big enough for bigger size?

And what is the gym lockers dimensions should be made for each locker?

there is no standard size for gym lockers , but we should make it for what things will be kept inside for clients,

>>for coat, make it bigger as 900-1000H x 400-450D x 400-450D .

Z shape design wood lockers is popular for big coat :

Dailot Z Shape Design Gym Lockers

Or can be below:

>>for small handbags, Middle size as 400-600H x 400D x 400W is ok.

Gym Lockers Dimensions

>>for staff lockers: normally it’s 400H x 350D x 400W is ok. With regular lock ok, save cost.

Anyway, we can design it more bigger and with more fashion design according to budget.

Learn more about the lockers dimensions & Designs on: Lockers dimensions.

Contact us if you still have any queries for choosing Wood Gym Lockers for your fitness | Yoga | Dancing Center .

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