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How to maintenance the wood lockers with doors

In recent years, custom made wood lockers have continued to be popular in the commercial space decoration industry due to their strong advantages such as tailor-made, high space utilization, stylish and beautiful design, and flexibility to match brand styles. They have been sought after by consumers and become various high-end Clubs or Occasions such as gyms, golf clubs, yoga studios, hotel sauna centers, hospitals and schools are the first choice for decoration. Nowadays, custom-made wood lockers are becoming more and more common, but the common sense of maintenance and cleaning of the overall wood lockers has not been popularized yet, and many consumers have not developed the habit of maintenance.

Generally speaking, high-quality customized wood lockers are more durable than iron and steel lockers or plastic lockers. But this is like a beautiful face, which even if it's naturally beautiful, you need to know how to clean and maintain it daily, so that the carefully maintenance custom wood lockers can withstand time and time.

Dailot Wood Lockers with Digital Lock

For the maintenance of wood lockers, we must first understand its components. different parts or objects require different maintenance.

1. The components of the lockers

The constituent parts are roughly the same as household wardrobes, and are mainly divided into the following parts:

• Lockers door

• Lockers cabinet body

• Lockers electronic lock

• Locker hardware

2. Maintenance techniques for different parts of the lockers

(1) Cleaning and maintenance of the wood lockers door

Compared with the material of the locker body, the lockers door material is more diverse, and the doors of different materials have a greater impact on the cost of the overall lockers.

The cleaning and maintenance of the wood locker door panels is different for different materials, and the corresponding cleaning tools and methods need to be adopted according to their different characteristics.

• Melamine Board Door Panel: Melamine Board panel is the most common material for locker door panels. The melamine panels surface has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, so for daily stains, semi-dry towels can be used ( No dripping) Wipe gently. For oil stains, ink stains, etc. that are difficult to clean, use a dry towel with a proper amount of thinner to clean the area. (Note, Tianna water is also called banana water, it is a colorless, transparent and volatile liquid prepared from a variety of organic writing courses)

• PVC blister door panel: usually used when the wood locker door panel has a shape, such as Antique style and frame style. General stains should be wiped with a damp towel; for oil stains, lightly wipe with an appropriate amount of alcohol.

Dailot Wood Lockers with PVC Blister Door
Dailot Wood Lockers with PVC Blister Door

• Painted door panels: For high-end wood lockers, paint-baked door panels will be used, and general dust and stains can be wiped off with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid using hard cloth, which may cause scratches. For oily stains that are difficult to clean, use a neutral detergent or toothpaste, and wipe the stains dry with a clean cotton cloth after preliminary cleaning.

• High-gloss PET/acrylic door panel: The surface of DAILOT high-gloss PET laminated door panel and acrylic laminated door panel is already very smooth and stain resistant, just wipe it with a semi-dry clean cotton cloth. Do not use towels with particles/sand, avoid chemical cleaners.

• Aluminum composite panel door panel/aluminum alloy door panel: The surface is waterproof and can be cleaned with wet water. For the oily dirt that is difficult to clean, the aluminum composite panel door panel can be lightly wiped with a clean towel and an appropriate amount of alcohol; while the aluminum alloy door panel needs to use special aluminum Wipe with alloy cleaner.

(2) Cleaning and maintenance of the wood locker cabinet body

The wood locker body is assembled by the melamine boards, and the panel is a component part of the whole cabinet. The quality of the locker directly affects the service life of the lockers. The most cabinet materials on the market are melamine boards, including particle board, density board and multilayer board. For the cleaning and maintenance of the locker cabinet, special attention should be paid to different maintenance habits and methods for different usage scenarios.

• Gymnasium, sauna center, sports clubs wood lockers: avoid singlet shirts or wet shirts left in the locker for a long time, keep the cabinets clean and dry, and avoid odor affecting use.

• Hotel, company or school wood lockers: mainly staff lockers, mainly to keep the surface of the lockers panel clean every day, and use a dry towel or feather duster to remove the dust in time.

• Hospitals, laboratories wood lockers, etc.: mainly to prevent chemicals or stained clothing from contacting the cabinet, and wipe it with a dry cloth if necessary.

(3) Maintenance of the electronic lock of the locker

More and more customized lockers use electronic locks, which are safe, convenient, and have a good user experience, which also makes the lockers more high-end. How to maintain the electronic lock of the wood lockers?

• Daily cleaning: The surface of the daily electronic lock needs to be kept clean and can be wiped with a dry towel.

• Batteries: DAILOT Furniture recommends using high-quality alkaline batteries in custom wood lockers. Some merchants will use carbon batteries as standard to save costs. The power is easy to lose. When merchants use it, they may easily ignore the timely replacement of batteries because they think it’s new. Its customers are inconvenient to use. In addition, pay attention to the weak electricity reminder of the electronic lock during use, and replace the new batteries in time. The 4 AA alkaline batteries can generally be used for 3-6 months according to normal use.

• If the cabinet door cannot be opened because the battery is not replaced in time, the DAILOT Lockers can use an external power supply to open the wood lockers door and replace the new battery in time.

• For fingerprint electronic locks: It is necessary to keep the fingerprint reader clean, avoid excessive moisture contact, and avoid wiping with a wet towel.

• For the face recognition camera, the maintenance is similar to that of the camera of our mobile phone. Keep the lens clean every day. When cleaning, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. If necessary, you should blow away dust or particles before wiping.

Dailot Wood Gym Lockers with Password Lock
Dailot Wood Gym Lockers with Password Lock

(4) Cleaning and maintenance of wood locker hardware

The hardware of the customized wood lockers mainly including: door hinges, clothes rails, mechanical locks, and handles.

• Door hinges, also called hinges, are hardware accessories that are easily overlooked during cleaning because they are hidden in the wood locker. Pay attention to the timely cleaning of dust, which can be wiped with a dry cloth, and avoid chemicals or other cleaning agents. In the process of long-term use, the performance may decrease due to the adhesion of too much dust. Put one or two drops of lubricating oil every six months or so to make it smooth.

• Mechanical locks, that is the wood locker locks with keys, should be kept away from water. If the lock core does not rotate well or smoothly, you can use the black powder on the pencil core, blow a small amount of the pencil core powder into the lock core and turn the key several times to improve. Avoid using lubricating oil, it is easy to adhere to dust and more difficult to clean.

• For other wood locker hardware such as handles and clothes rails, the surface can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

3. Precautions for the maintenance of customized wood lockers and gym lockers

On the whole, the maintenance of wood locker storage cabinets is the same as that of household wardrobes. Keep it dry and clean during normal use.

Different from the daily use of household wardrobes, there is a "holiday" for the wood lockers in commercial places, that is, when shopping malls are temporarily closed for a long time, they also need to pay attention to maintenance.

For the maintenance of wood lockers and gym lockers in commercial places, the following points should be paid attention to:

• Let the wood lockers ventilate more, and if it is installed in an air-conditioned room, turn on the dehumidification function or exhaust fan when necessary, or use a dehumidifier regularly.

• In excessively humid weather, such as when the wood lockers gym lockers are not used for a long time, during the epidemic at the beginning of this year, it is just the rainy season in the south in April. Many gyms and clubs cannot be opened due to the epidemic. Therefore, it is necessary to open the doors and windows or air conditioners to dehumidify or turn on exhaust fans regularly. Keep the locker room dry.

• You can put some small packets of dried lime or other desiccant in the corner of the wood lockers to prevent the lockers body or door panel from mildewing in a long-term warm environment. Long-term humid, warm environment, even steel or plastic lockers will produce plastic powder shedding or plastic discoloration, so try to avoid this environment.

• For long periods of non-use, buy some camphor and tobacco leaves in the wood locker to prevent small bugs or cockroaches; put some peppercorns to prevent mice.

The maintenance of the custom wood lockers gym lockers is very simple; we just pay attention to some details in our daily use. It does not need very deliberate maintenance, but regular maintenance is still necessary.

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