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How to choose wood lockers for Mudroom

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

----How to choose a practical locker for your gym center

As we know, the wood lockers are widely used in many conditions and commercial space, such as the mudroom, changing room, and fitness center, etc.

But how to choose the practical wood lockers for your project?

You may need to know the below important tips:

1, Look at the design of the locker A stylish and fashion design gry locker will make your gym center look more stylish and professional. In addition, almost every fitness guest will notice the design of your fitness center lockers, which will leave another impression for them.

Moreover, the design of the wood lockers must be based on the convenience of the guests.This requires us to fully prepare before customizing the locker, such as the location of the locker, and the size, according to your gym traffic and fitness categories to design the size of each wardrobe.

Dailot Wood Lockers can be with flexible designs to match your project
modern wood lockers

2, Look at the hardware of the locker Regarding the hardware of the sports locker, many gym contractors are easy to ignore, but this is a very important link. Hardware accessories, especially door handles, electronic locks, and door hinges, can affect the user experience.

Good Quality Accessories are very important for customers experience & the lifetime
Dailot Wood Lockers Accessories

3, Look at the board of the locker The main material of the locker is the board. The quality of the board directly determines the quality, service life and price of the locker. The common materials on the market for wooden lockers are: medium density fiberboard, particleboard, and plywood. The price of particleboard is the cheapest and the quality is relatively poor; the price and the quality of medium-density board is medium; but these two materials are very easy to get wet and not durable usage; the plywood is made of cross-splicing of the whole original wooden board, its quality is very close to solid wood, moisture-proof performance is very good, the quality is the best of the three, but the price is relatively expensive. Customers should use different materials according to their own budget and Party A's requirements when customizing the storage locker.

Dailot furniture made of hardwood plywood, with lifelike wood grain and various surface finish
Dailot use the Quality Original Hardwood Plywood

4, Look at the production process of the locker The same materials, different production equipment and production processes will directly affect the appearance and service life of the locker. The locker manufacturers use the old production equipment, which will damage the surface of the board. Also the errors in the size of the board cutting, which will bring great trouble to the later installation. The low-end edge-sealing opportunity is not good for the board edge, the edge banding is easy to fall off and affects the appearance of the product. This requires customers to select experienced and strong processing factory ( Locker supplier ) , especially for multinational orders, so that it is more guaranteed.

Dailot Furniture believe good quality is the key to success,no any shortcuts.

The above is my share today. It's also appropriate for any changing room lockers, school lockers, office lockers or staff lockers.

If you need some more customization information about lockers and storage cabinets, please feel free to contact me. by email or WhatsApp.

I wish you a happy life.

​Daniel W.

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