How to Custom Made Wooden Equestrian Tack Lockers for Horse Barn


Riding horse is very popular in nowadays

Nowadays,with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people want to ride horses. And even for some school there are some special lessons for Ride Learning.

And as the horse barn operator, there are many things to pay attentions to avoid any accidents, and those unhappy things such as clients belongings lost.

Equestrian Tack Lockers for Horse Barn

A good design equestrian cabinet is necessary in the horse barn,which can help customers no need to worry about their belongings while riding,and enhance the custom experience as well.

But what type of Tack Lockers for horse barn is confused many operators.

Below are several types of custom made tack lockers:

1.Normally the Horse Tack Lockers are made of Solid Wood, the Pine wood is widely used,which is high waterproof and anti corrosion. It's the traditional Tack Lockers for horse barn. Below are some wood custom made tack lockers popular designs:

1.Single Door Horse Tack Lockers,separated for each client.and it can be made by a columns and rows.

Custom Made Single Door Equestrian Tack Lockers | Saddles Cabinets

2.Double Doors Horse Tack Lockers,can storage families belongings together sometimes.and it can be made by a columns and rows.

Custom Made Wooden Double Doors Tack Lockers | Saddles Cabinets for Horse Barn

2.the below material is also very popular for wood lockers making, and storage cabinets, it's natural grain and advantages are favored by many people,for indoor and outdoor no problem.

The OSB cabinets, for interior cabinets and the horse barn lockers available,it's also waterproof and natural looking.

Outdoor Wood Lockers Made by OSB Panels,those small belongings storage good options by below design:

OSB Custom Made Wooden Lockers

OSB Panels Made Wooden Lockers Interior Application:

Custom Made OSB Cabinets | Storage Cabinets | Wooden Lockers

3. the Hardwood Plywood also is a new material that used for custom made wood lockers.and it's widely used in fitness center and changing room lockers.

It's very flexible design that can match your brand concept easily.

Gym Lockers for fitness center,with more flexible designs and colors option

With the waterproof treatment,it can be also used in outdoor.Below are the examples that made by waterproof & anti corrosion treatment plywood.

We tested it at the same time,the left two pictures has changed and with bacteria growing on the edges ,but the Right one with waterproof & anti corrosion treatment box nothing happens.

Well, above are some designs and materials options for Custom Made Wood Equestrian Tack Lockers,and the outdoor wood lockers.

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