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How to Deter Gym Theft in Locker Room [Gym Theft Prevention Tips]

How safe are the gym lockers ?

Dailot Gym Lockers

Normally we will think that as a theft, health clubs especially gym clubs, would be the last place to try to rob or steal.

However, maybe the thief utilizing people’s psychology and steal in the gym locker room frequently, which happens in all over the world.

Let's see a video in YouTube.

More video about gym theft:

Gym Locker Broken into

And, this is the confusing problem for many people who want to gym:

Gym Theft Problem

even for the him:

Gym theft problems

How to prevent the gym theft then?

Many people think that things are safe in the locker or storage cabinets. In fact, as a consumer, it should be more precautions. It is better for unfamiliar environments to let property leave their sights. There will be mobile phone temporary registration services, and the clubhouse's locker room also has a special waiter, so that criminals are afraid to act rashly and the natural property is safer.

Below are some tips for customers to prevent gym theft when workout:

  1. Do research on a gym locker room before you workout,choose the gym that with safe lock and bright room,give up the one that old decoration and old lockers with generic lock. Gym lockers with the Electronic Lock is more safe than the one with generic lock.

  2. Choose the lockers in conspicuous position such as at the beginning of the row or center, instead of the corner. Thieves are worrying to steal from the a locker can be easily seen.

  3. Anyway,don't take valuable belongings with you unless it's needed in workout.

As the Operator of health clubs or fitness center, if the customer loses something in your place, it will inevitably generate a lot of unnecessary troubles and influence the brand word of mouth. As the video showed above, it is obvious that the locker's lock is not safe enough, and the user can use the normal key to open it. Therefore, for the operator, it's their responsibility and obligation to do a good job in the purchase of lockers.

Below are some tips for operator to prevent the gym theft:

  1. Design a reliable gym lockers as well as the modern appearance, reducing the percentage of stealing easily. it's NOT good design as below picture, that the hinges all showed outside and it's easy to broken in lockers.

Gym theft problem3
Gym Locker with old design

2. Using the good materials with more strength, that keep the door safe and not easy to broken into.

Dailot Gym Lockers with strength door that not easy broken

3. Investing a good quality lock instead of the cheap lock that can be easily broken,the generic lock is easy to open by some normal tools, but the Electronic Lock is durable and hard to broken, and it's good experience for clients,more convenient using.

Dailot Gym Lockers with Quality Electronic Lock

4. Looking for reliable wood lockers manufacturers, to ensure the quality of the gym lockers, most important thing is to ensure of the good customer experience in your health clubs or fitness center,or any Studio as well.

In short, both clients & operators should be pay high attention to the gym theft problem, and do what we should do to deter it happens.

Any comments or ideas about it, pls feel free to share to Dailot Furniture by email:

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It's important to install the CCTV in the locker room so that cops can easily identify the person doing that criminal activity. Make use of locksmith to install these high security door locks.

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