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Shock! Wooden locker changed to a new look by overnight


Modern people's living standards and consumption views are becoming more and more advanced. Leisure clubs, gyms and spas have become the main way for people to relax and enjoy. When we go to these places, we often come across the row of dressing rooms. The wooden lockers are neatly used. These wooden lockers are frequently used and have high strength. Over time, they are prone to problems: loose fasteners, sheet deformation, odor, as a place for storing personal items, wooden lockers with odor or It is definitely unpleasant to be dirty. How can we make the wooden locker re-glow and renewed?

Don't worry, Dailot Furniture has a good idea here. Let's introduce some very practical methods to you.

Wardrobes for commercial use are generally used to temporarily store our clothes. These lockers are frequently used. Sometimes you may just put them in, so the daily work of the wooden locker is to ensure the inside and outside of the locker. Clean and clean so that the bacteria inside the cabinet can affect your health. So what do you need to do to clean the wooden locker? Due to the high mobility of the personnel and the openness of the place, the surface of the locker is often easy to fall off. It is necessary to use the fine hair cleaning tools to remove the dust on the wooden locker every day. The cabinet is cleaned with a clean rag, but pay attention to the rag. Because the locker is closed every day, if it is too moist to clean, it will make the wooden locker board damp. When you encounter stubborn stains, you can put a little detergent on it, which can remove the stubborn stains on the surface of the locker more effectively. Remember Wipe once with a clean rag to avoid detergent residue.

wood lockers maintenance

In addition, some wood lockers have been bought back for half a year. The door is still smelling a pungent chemical smell. It is because the quality of the plates used by the manufacturers of wooden lockers is poor, and the residual heavy metal smell and free formaldehyde are more. In addition, the production is cut corners, and the side exposed on the side of the wooden locker is not sealed, because the sheet will have some residual volatile gas during production. If the edge is not treated, the smell will be aggravated, and the wooden locker is unhealthy. Customers are also not satisfied with dissatisfaction, so we must choose high-quality wooden locker manufacturers

In the face of some wooden lockers, we also need to pay attention to mold and insects, which is the largest nemesis in wooden lockers. If you wipe the wooden locker with a damp rag, it may cause the locker to rot and shorten the service life. To prevent insects, you can prevent mothballs in the locker. At the same time, the locker should not be placed in a place exposed to direct sunlight, which is prone to fading and oxidation of the decorative surface.

All of the above methods are very useful and I hope to be helpful to you. If you want your locker to be more environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful, we strongly recommend that you use the wooden locker made by Dailot Furniture Company, which has high strength, impact resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, acid/alkali resistance, moisture proof and rust proof. Good fixing ability, quick disassembly and assembly, convenient transportation, clean and environmental protection. Purchase hotline: 0757-85525175

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