What Makes 24 Hour Fitness Popular

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24 hour restaurants, 24 hour convenience stores, 24-hour pharmacies ... These all-weather stores provide people with convenient living services. Today, the 24-hour smart gym is also here, and has become the "new favorite" of young people. Especially in the past two years, a full-time gym suddenly became popular in many places.

Compared with the traditional gym closing tide, the 24-hour smart gym is now in full swing, and the 24-hour gym gives customers a completely different consumer experience. What makes it so popular?

Compared with the traditional gym,

First of all, there is no staff in the gym, only the fitness person and the personal training appointment in advance. If there is no personal training appointment, it means that the whole body is exercised independently without any interruption.

Secondly, the fitness consumption method is flexible. It can be purchased on a per-time basis or by the hour, day, month, quarter, and year. There are multiple ways to choose from, which breaks the traditional fixed-year annual card consumption model of fitness club. Many brands have launched multi-city sharing, which means that customers can enjoy flexible fitness not only at their doorstep at any time, but also even if they are away for business.

Thirdly, the 24-hour gym is more intelligent. From card application and course inquiry to door opening and equipment use, the entire information can be obtained by mobile phone. Some gyms are equipped with a dedicated smart wristband for each member. This smart wristband not only has the functions of gate access control, electronic gym lockers opening and showers opening, but also collects real-time exercise data for consumers to query.

Regard to As it's 24 hour fitness without staff, what's the requirement of purchasing the gym lockers for it?

Regard to the gym lockers for 24 hour fitness, it must equip with the digital lock, so that it can be connected to the gate access control system,and other electronic equipment.

Dailot gym lockers with digital lock,can help you connect to the different equipment system to support the self-help fitness. The gym lockers lock can support different opening method like face ID,fingerprint,password, wristband,which make it more professional , and enhance customer experience,with more better secured belongings in the fitness and 24 gym center.

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