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Wood Lockers with Doors for Mudroom

It's happiness to have a hat and coat rack for the mudroom,and the wood lockers with doors would be perfect in it.

Wood Lockers with door for mudroom, doors design options, contact Dailot Furniture for more details.

We might have lots of full dress that should change every day, it's so convenience and happy to have such wood lockers in the mudroom.

Well, how to build wood lockers for mudroom?

If you're interesting to have your own wood lockers for home, or for home, here below are some suggestions.

First of all, we need to confirm the design you like.

For the wood lockers, there are so many designs in the market, but lots of it are similar.If you want it to be unique,the one belongs to yourself, to match your mudroom or home decorating , it's better to custom for it,go find the wood lockers factory to customize and design according to your idea,that would be more beautiful.

Below are some designs for reference:

Secondly, we should have a correct measurement of our mudroom.

To measure the mudroom, of course it's better to get the professional wood lockers manufacturer come to your home to measure it, but it's a small case that we can do it by ourselves,and below some factors we should pay attention to:

2.1 Mind the pillar in the ceiling or the wall, measure it the width,the depth, and the height, and it's better to take some photos for the wood lockers factory to double check when you talk to them,they will have idea for it.

2.2, Mind the distance close to your entry door and the entryway, we should consider to keep the enough space for sitting and changing our clothes and shoes, and to check if the door can be open.

2.3, If there is a outlet ,the light switch, also should measure the height of it, and the distance of the outlet/switch to the wall, we should give enough distance for it, or carve the hole in the panel for it.

Thirdly,choose the good materials to make the wood lockers.

As we know, to produce the wood lockers, we can use the Metal, Solid Wood, Particle Board, MDF Board, and the Hardwood Plywood,etc.

How to choose the materials for our wood lockers?

Which material is more durable & Economic?

Can the materials being made to my unique design concept?

What type of doors can I choose for the mudroom lockers?

If you''re interested for above questions, welcome to follow us , and you'll find all answers. Dailot will share more acknowledge of wood lockers with you.

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