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What's the Gym Locker Size?

Updated: May 22, 2020

What is the general size of the wood gym Locker in the fitness club?

How's the gym lockers dimensions?

How to design the size for the wood lockers?
Gym Locker Size

The gym locker is a basic facility for the fitness center and is essential for the gym.

Anyway, the wood locker is used as a commercial space accessory furniture,many operators will be confused while purchasing. In addition, there is no industry to set standards in the market, so that buyers do not know what kind of lockers to purchase.

Today, wood locker manufacturers Dailot Furniture here give some tips for What is the size of the wood locker for the men's and women's changing rooms in the general gymnasium and clubhouse?

There are several kinds of wood lockers that can be selected in the general gym club and other commercial space.

Normally they are divided into two tiers or single tier or three tiers per column, according to different application.

For example, for fitness clubs and gyms use two tiers or three tiers wood lockers.

But the Single tier are often used in dry cleaner,hospital staff lockers,and some spa lockers,where it asks more big space,to hang the coat or big clothes.

Single-layer wooden locker (single door size: height 200cm, width 50cm, depth 40cm)

For fitness club gym lockers, normally design is two tiers ,the single door size: height from 700~1000mm, width from 350~400mm,depth from 400~530mm), and the total height is suggested to below 2.3m.

Two tiers gym lockers
Gym Locker Size with two tiers

Two Tiers wood lockers widely used in gym clubs, fitness center, spa center,etc.

Wood Lockers with three tiers, widely used in gym clubs, Yoga Studio Center,etc.
Wood Lockers with Three Tiers

Three tiers wood lockers widely used in small gym studios, Yoga Studio,Dance Studio, beauty shop , etc.

Dailot Furniture specializes in manufacturing wood lockers, gym lockers, hotel spa wood lockers, swimming pool moisture-proof wood lockers, Confinement Service Center Lockers, net wood wardrobes, etc., providing material selection and customized services, if you are still query in the gym lockers, please contact us at


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